I am writing this for myself and those who have followed me along my great journey of snowboarding and overcoming my scoliosis surgery. There are a lot of different emotions when Team USA is announced and your friends and teammates names are on there but not yours. To be happy and joyful for your teammates and friends is expected, however there are so many thoughts going through your head. It has been a struggle, but I know I am strong enough to pick myself back up again, just like my scoliosis back surgery, or recovering from a bad crash. You have to get back up and try again. I am planning on coming back even stronger for these next four years to the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. It will be a battle, but I know with my family, boyfriend, coaches, sponsors and fans we can all continue this journey for the long run! Thank you to everyone for your support and love! I am excited to go back to school this summer and compete in University Games and World Championships in Park City next season and continue on the right path!

To my friends and teammates that did make the Olympics: I cannot be more inspired, proud and honored to be your friend or teammate. I know you will all do great and cannot wait to watch you all on TV! Be strong and remember you are the best in the WORLD!



Photo Cred: Miha Matavz

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