Sweat is just fat crying

In the beginning of the summer I was injured on my dirt bike and had a very long recovery time, anxious to start getting fit for the upcoming winter season. I have never torn or sprained ligaments until this accident and it was very hard to know when you are truly recovered. I then was introduced to Daphne Butas who is by far the most inspiring, down to earth woman I have ever met and am honored to train with in the gym! Daphne is a trainer in Steamboat Springs and is by far the best trainer and human being with her positive vibe, kindness, and is so experienced and professional. Daphne worked a lot with my two injuries and made my body stronger after resting for such a long amount of time. Even with the injury Daphne is perfect at working with athletes, Daphne knows exactly what is good for you in the gym, on the hill, physically and mentally. I have never felt this strong going into the season and feel so confident on the hill and at the gym. I became so strong in such a short amount of time with her work outs and advice. It has also been an amazing experience having a personal trainer that can work around my scoliosis surgery and find workouts that flow nicely with my body and actually work and are not putting stress on my back. She has shaped me more as an athlete and has helped me become the strongest I have ever been. I have learned so much from Daphne. She is such a special and great friend. I am proud and blessed to have Daphne by my side this winter! Check out her amazing website and jump into one of her classes tomorrow!


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