Preschool is cool!

In the beginning of August 2015, I began working at a preschool that I went to when I was little. I only worked till the end of October in 2015, and I totally fell in love. I took the winter season off and sent the students post cards from every country I was in. I then came back in the Spring of 2016 and started to take college classes to become a certified Early Childhood Education teacher. I worked all spring, summer and fall with the most amazing staff and children you will ever meet in your life. Teaching is such an amazing skill and I have even learned so much from my fellow co-workers and learned from the students. I am surrounded by giggly, happy children that light up your day when they come through the door. I also made a lot of friendships with the families and such special bonds with the children. I love seeing the kids progress and develop through a short amount of time. They truly become your best friends and I miss them so much! I love preschool!!! See you all soon!

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