First Week on Snow

It has been a very exciting few weeks getting back into the groove for riding. I have been amping up my physical training with my personal trainer Daphne. I have also been visiting Action Spine and Sports Medicine in Denver, CO. Dr. Ben and his assistant Dr. Oakley have been helping me with my hips having more mobility. With my back being fused from scoliosis, I am not able to bend from my back. I have to bend and move from my hips. They have done wonders and I have felt even more powerful with my movements on snow! My first week in gates has been a huge progression and I am getting so excited for my first race in Snowking, WY at the end of November. One lesson I have learned from this week is ALWAYS wear your shin guards!!! I hit my knee on the hard plastic of the gate and have a huge bruise around my knee! It is better now and everything on the inside is okay. Looking forward to the next week of training!

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