Maggie has had the great privilege of growing up in the mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Her brother and sister have been her inspiration and her point of entry into snowboarding with them being Junior World Champions and on the U.S team for all disciplines. At the young age of three she was chasing her siblings down the mountain. Then shortly after there were lessons and then Winter Sports Club, which got her into competing at age seven. She participated in all disciplines such as slope style, half pipe, boarder-cross, parallel slalom and giant slalom. After competing for a few winters she was progressing at the regional and national levels.

            During the season that she was 11 years old she started to experience back and knee pain. After a diagnosis with her local physician, they recommended for her to visit a spine specialist and they suspected scoliosis. Scoliosis is a curvature to the spine either looking like an S shaped or C shaped. It will eventually curve inwards and puncture vital organs and make your body crippled. She really had no idea what scoliosis was and her family didn’t really know much either. She had an S shaped curvature with her worst curvature from L4 to T5. The only option was surgery because all that was going to happen was it would get worse. Maggie and her family had to make a trip to Denver to talk with doctors from Children’s Hospital to schedule an appointment to get the surgery done right away and get more information from professionals in the scoliosis realm. Being so young she didn’t know what surgery really was or what it would be like and she had a very hard time grasping the idea. She was scared every single day and would cry herself to sleep many nights. Maggie was very afraid of never snowboarding again or being as active after not being able to do anything for a full year. Then shortly after nationals she had the surgery May 8th, 2008. She had a very rough recovery with a lot of pain physically and emotionally. With not being able to do anything for a full year, missing the end of 5th grade, and having a summer with no friends, it was very hard for her. Her 6th grade year was very difficult not being active and all she wanted was to be up in the mountains.

            Once the long, painful year of recovery was over she had to make the decision if she  wanted to continue snowboarding but she could not continue with boarder-cross, slope style, or half pipe because of the impact of hitting jumps and blowing out her lower, available discs in her back. So her one discipline left was alpine snowboarding, which she truly loved and most importantly did not want to give up her beloved sport and competing. On Maggie's 12th birthday she got her first alpine race board. Her challenge was reteaching herself to snowboard with 14 inches of her back fused. Since Maggie can only bend from her hips, it was very difficult at first because she was not as flexible. Through the years since the surgery it has been a battle of back spasms and other snowboard injuries but she has been able to overcome them.

            At 15 years old Maggie was able to start competing at an international level. Traveling all over the U.S. and Canada, she succeeded and was able to compete in Europe and on the World Cup Tour. After 2018 season ended and not making the Olympics, she had a lot of thinking to do. Maggie has been a dual citizen of the U.S. and of Ireland. She has deep Irish roots and has decided to switch to Team Ireland! After one year competing under the Irish flag, she is ready to make the next Olympics in Beijing in 2022.