About Maggie


Maggie is a 23 year old competitive alpine snowboarder. She has been snowboarding since the young age of three and was inspired by her older brother and sister who were also very accomplished snowboarders. She began competing at age seven. This season she will be competing all around the world doing NorAm Cups, Europa Cups, and World Cups!

Where to Next?


For this 2019/2020 season Maggie is trying for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, It will be a very tough and exciting season so be sure to follow her on her journey through the World Cups! Click below for her schedule! 


At age 11 Maggie was diagnosed with Scoliosis which is a curvature to the spine. Her only option was surgery and she received  two 14inch metal rods. Maggie has created a non-profit organization to donate 10% of winnings and sponsorship money to the National Scoliosis Foundation and Children's Hospital.